Friday, November 29, 2013

NY Times Critic's Pick - "When I Walk" - film by AXSmap creator Jason DaSilva

Jason and Alice at their wedding

Here is a link to the NY Times online movie review of "When I Walk". The article "Filmmaker Chronicles His Battle With Illness" appeared in the print edition on October 25, 2013.

Jason sent me the link when I emailed him to let him know that Bill Morrow has now surveyed two blocks of his neighbourhood's business district, East Hastings Street, and has contributed 44 reviews to the AXSmap.  Bill is still on the road -- even as we speak he's rolling through another block. Jason is also still on the road, doing outreach for the film that Bill and I saw together at VIFF, and which kicked off Bill's decision to do what he could to support the mapping project.

See my posting yesterday, and also in September, for more information about our collaboration.  Bill and I are colleagues in Quirk-e, a seniors' writing collective hosted by the Britannia Community Centre in Vancouver. One of the "live the dream" aspects of my community-engaged art practice is that I collaborate in creative projects with "COABC's" -- people who came of age before computers. By giving face-to-face tech support, I feel I can be a bridge onto the internet for the important contributions by seniors and others who are being marginalized through lack of access.

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