Thursday, March 08, 2007

YouTube for COABC's

In my posting about Time's "Person of the Year" I got into a discussion about YouTube". Since then I've been checking it out, looking specifically for videos either made by COABC's (people who came of age before computers), or of interest to people of any age, who have an ambivalent relationship with new technology.

A real selling point of YouTube for me is that you don't need to have any special viewing software loaded on your own computer, to pay, or to be a member, to be able to view videos there. So I've started a new section on the right called "YouTube for COABC's". Please feel free to use the comments to suggest other ones you have enjoyed.

To see the video illustrated at the left, click on this link for "Introducing the Book"

Also, here is a link to "Geriatric 1927" which is the "channel" of an 80 year old man. His videos about his life have made him the seventh most subscribed on YouTube.

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