Thursday, February 08, 2007

Marge Lam's offline relationship

Five reasons I love about being offline:
  1. In the evening -- instead of staring into a screen for hours on end looking at all the different clogs I could purchase from all over the world -- I can draw patterns, listen to "Between the Covers" on CBC while I'm doing stretches, and take extra-long hot baths.
  2. I get to talk to a person when ordering my Spud groceries, and ask things like "are Gone Crackers really worth $6.50 a box?" and my very friendly Spud employee says "Yes. The packaging's awful, but the crackers are fantastic." Now I'm addicted to Gone Crackers.
  3. I've noticed at least ten more bird species right outside my window.
  4. It's a good excuse when I miss deadlines.
  5. I feel better. My body feels better.
Five reasons I miss about being offline:
  1. I probably communicate 30% less than I did when I was online. But I think the quality of my life has improved.
  2. I show up at meetings and I don't have the agenda.
  3. Sometimes it's awkward when networking because people don't do phone anymore.
  4. I can't access information as quickly as I would like to.
  5. It makes me feel disabled.
Nancy invited me onto her blog. I met her through an internship programme with the Art Health and Seniors Project.

Thank you, Nancy, for being such a great transcriber. I can't use my arms to do a lot of things I used to do because of a repetitive strain injury from work. That's why I've been offline.

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