Sunday, November 12, 2006

Problems learning the computer

When Linda, the author of the blog Fiddlehead Farm Memoirs, made the comment that "Learning computers is way harder than learning how to milk a goat", I asked her to write down some reflections. Please feel free to add your observations by clicking on "comments" (the underlined blue phrase at the end).

"At my age of 68 I am finding several challenges working on a computer. One has to ask at some point 'Do the benefits outweigh the frustrations?'

There is no doubt that the information of the world is at ones fingertips. The question is at what price do you pay? It is easy now to stay in contact with friends. BUT does it take the place of face to face talking and visiting? My grandson age 16 says his best friend lives in New Jersey. He also may be his only friend simply because he spends so much time on the computer he doesn't have time to develop other relationships. That is sad and not for me.

All of our brains learn in different ways.The failures of our school systems have certainly proven this. Many of us see in pictures and or learn experientially.

I do not want to lead a sedentary life . At my age I need to get more exercise not less. It is also important not to increase my stress level. There is nothing more frustrating than a crashed computer, or one you can not figure out.

Every individual needs to decide for himself just how much this tool should control his life."

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